Friday, 14 May 2010

Please help us to fill a 40 foot container with goods for 4 deserving charitable projects in Rwanda – deadline early September 2010

Please help us to fill a 40 foot container with goods for 4 deserving charitable projects in Rwanda – deadline early September 2010

We are delighted to be able to help with these charitable projects in Rwanda. They are looking for:
SEWING - cotton, embroidery/ x stitch thread, scissors, tape measures, needles, thimbles, machines

WOOL – Knitting needles, wools, knitting machine wool, knitting machines

LADIES CLOTHES – summer, bright colours, clean & laundered. T-shirts, skirts, blouses, tops, fleeces,

LADIES/GIRLS SHOES – Sandals, trainers, flip flops, shoes not too high - clean reasonable condition

BOYS SHOES – sandals, flip flops, smart leather shoes, 230 x trainers (size 36-43), walking shoes - clean reasonable condition

FOOTBALL – Boots (any condition any size), shirts & shorts, footballs & pumps, football socks

BOYS CLOTHING – 8/19 yrs, T- shirts, shirts, 250 x cargo/joggers/¾ shorts/chino, smart trousers, underpants, fleeces, waterproof lightweight jackets, caps - clean & reasonable condition

CHILDREN’S CLOTHING – 4/12 yrs, pants, tops, skirts, T-shirts, socks - bright, clean reasonable condition

COMPUTERS – Processors/hard drives, monitors (these can be cleaned & made safe), keyboards, mouse, required leads, A4 printing paper

COOKING EQUIPMENT – Large industrial size cooking pots, metal plates

BICYCLES – 100 any condition (we can clean, repair & collect), bicycle pumps, puncture repair kits, helmets


OFFICE EQUIPMENT - filing drawers, cabinets, computer tables, white boards, projectors, screens

ADAPTERS – UK to EUROPEAN for using electrical equipment (the type you take on holiday)

BEADS – Old jewellery, sequins, bugle beads, associated tools

SCHOOL EQUIPMENT – Reading books, pens, pencils, crayons, rubbers, sharpeners, white/coloured chalk, 18 blackboard erasers, exercise books, 230 geometry sets, 50 primary atlases, school registers, tables & chairs, stationary, 150 English dictionaries, educational toys

SPECTACLES – Any magnifying type (not prescription)

BEDDING – Single sheets/Sleeping bags – clean & reasonable condition (not continental quilts or pillows)

OUTDOOR PLAY EQUIPMENT – 2 climbing frames, 20 each basket balls & volley balls, sports equipment

BOYS & GIRLS DRESSING UP CLOTHES – Children (no witches, skulls, army)

BABY BUNDLES – toiletries, nappies, clothes - (as many as possible)

TOILETRIES – essentials, toothbrushes, soap, flannels

MARQUEE – 250 stacking chairs, 50 trestle tables, 3000 watt sound system (to hire out for meetings, weddings, etc)

CARDBOARD BOXES – urgently needed for packing items for the container – preferably large & strong
*40 foot container provided by Nottinghamshire Police Aid who will arrange transportation to Rwanda 19/09/10.

We will be donating sewing machines, threads, fabrics etc, but if you can help with anything else, please let us know and we can get collection arranged.
Thanks a million

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