Thursday, 22 April 2010

A Loveable Rogue!

The Designer Diamond is a wonderful machine with so many advanced features, it sets it apart from the rest! We did have one in the workshops this week that was frankly.. a beast.

We swapped it out for a customer as it periodically sewed backwards like a thing possessed, and the would correct itself. Lee(our service technician) and I spent hours faultfinding it to no avail, as it would work ok and then start going backwards again.

We decided the fault must have happened in the factory build, so we decided to strip it down back to the casting, and rebuild it.

The last item out is the bottom shaft. On removing this, we found the feed cam (mounted on the bottom shaft) which is responsible for sewing direction was a loose fit with it's driving gear, not visible to the naked eye! A new bottom shaft, and a rebuild with the settings manual well thumbed completely solved the problem, and the machine runs beautifully, and has taken up residence in our course centre for general use. A loveable rogue finally tamed!

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