Sunday, 17 January 2010

New to Blogging?

We're fairly new to the world of blogs and other 'social networking' too! So we thought you might have a few questions for us, we've tried to answer them here.

  • What is a blog? Well, the word 'blog' is short for web-log, so think of a blog as an online journal or diary. We post entries in date order, the latest ones are listed at the top.

    • What is it for? Good question! Well, it is an easy way for us to tell you about the latest sewing news, products and help you get an insight into what goes on at Husqvarna Studio.
      • What is the difference between a blog and a website? Technically there's not really much difference between a blog and a website. But to us, it's an easy way of sharing new things with you, and most importantly you can comment on the posts so you can give us feedback, ask us questions and share with other sew-ers.
        • What are you going to blog about? We're going to try and blog about anything that happens in the shop, or might be relevant to fans of sewing. We're excited to share with you news about our courses, photos of our latest projects and classes, and tell you about new products that are arriving every day. We're going to try and update a couple of times a week, so keep coming back to see what's new (remember the new posts will be at the top, so they should be easy to find)
          • What should I do next? Well, you don't have to do anything, just keep visiting us. However, you can leave us a comment to say that you've read the post, the comments are displayed below each post. You know we love to hear from you on the phone or in the shop, so tell us here what you're doing, ask us a question or simply say hello!  We've left it so you don't have to sign in to comment so if you do, tell us your name and where you're from, so we know who you are.

            If you'd like to know more about how to get more inspiration from other sew-ers across the world, why not take a short class in our computer room? Jayne is teaching a class called 'Internet Inspirations' on Tuesday 9th February 2010 1pm - 3.30pm or Saturday 10th April 10am-12.30pm. You can book by clicking here or by telephoning 0115 9881550. Remember to tell us the title and date of the course when you book!

            See you soon!

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